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Building Equitable and Resilient Communities

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Building Equitable and Resilient Communities

Be part of changing soil, changing lives movement!

"In 2014 I ended up with a 4x9 raised vegetable bed and it made me interested in where my food came from. It led me to go out to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market in Kerrytown and in that whole time I would see nobody there that looked like me and then I looked around at the folks selling the food and none of them looked like me either. It feels like since then not only has the universe been conspiring to make sure that I got a seat at the table, but that I'm also relevant at the table and I have a voice at the table."

~Farmer Melvin Parson


In 2015, Farmer Melvin Parson, We the People Grower's Association LLC (WTPGA) as a sustainable farming initiative dedicated to workforce development by creating dignified, employment and training for men and women returning home from incarceration.

In 2018 Farmer Parson expanded the vision of his world class urban farm into We the People Opportunity Center, a 501(3)(c) non-profit in Ypsilanti, Michigan. WTPOC will be the catalyst to build our world class urban farm that will be adjacent to the farm and offer programming and employment readiness in organic farming and related fields to local youth and returning citizens.

Programs will include:

  • Farming training programs and vocational co-ops.
  • Advancement to continued education and employment in the food, nutrition, and health services industries.
  • Job shadowing and mentoring and paid internships for local youth and returning citizens.
  • Economic development with job creation.
  • Growing organic produce for residents of Ypsilanti as well as for sale to local restaurants.
  • East Ypsilanti Township Farmer's Market to provide the surrounding community access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Culinary Arts Training Program.
  • Cultivate
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Henry Ford
  • St. Joseph Mercy Healthy System
  • United Way of Washtenaw County
  • Zingerman's Community of Businesses